Agency - Studio Private
Art Direction - Paul James Dalton
Animation - Studio Private / Ultra Studio

Watch in Context

Self-initiated photogrammetry experiment
Credits: Studio Ultra

A short film for Microsoft to show off its ergonomically designed keyboard and Mice.

After Effects: Kyli John
Cinema 4D: Studio Ultra ltd
Production: Mirum London

Agency - Beautiful Meme
Animation - Studio Ultra
Sound - Zelig

Agency: Accept and Proceed
Animation: Ultra Studio/Andrew Gooch

Agency: Honour Branding
Animation: Ultra Studio

Nike Art Director: David Chen
Director: Julian Gibbs
Post-production: Intro
Animation Director: Alex Pastor
Animator: Andrew Gooch

Agency: FP Creative
Director: Julian Gibbs
Post-production/VFX: Intro and Outpost
Cinema 4D: Andrew Gooch/Outpost
Cinematography: Alistair Clark
Shanghai production: Rodney Evans and Central Studios

Post-production/VFX: Intro
Nike Art Director: Andre Simmons
Director: Julian Gibbs
Animation Director: Simon Russell
Animator: Andrew Gooch

Agency: Art & Graft

Graphics: The Studio of Williamson Curran
After Effects: Andrew Gooch

Music: Starsmith
Design and Direction: Studio Ultra

Agency: Intro
Animators: Andrew Gooch/Chris White/Julio Dean
Compositing: Kylie John/Andrew Crist

Motion Graphics: Studio Ultra


Studio Ultra is a design studio based between London
and the Essex coast. We work with forward thinking clients
to create innovative ideas and design, specialising in animation. We pride ourselves on our ability to work across
a wide range different media.

Studio 3 Oriel House, 53 Elm Road, Leigh-on-Sea, SS9 1SP

07762 787415 · Email · Instagram · Vimeo

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