We were asked to work once again with Brands Applied, this time for a US client called Igneo.

They wanted a short film to use on the homepage of their website, which promotes and informs about their growing, innovative business in the field of sustainably recycling E-waste.

Client: Igneo
Agency: Brands Applied
Animation: Ultra Studio
Edit: Ultra Studio
Output: Website
Igneo invented a better, greener way to separate and reclaim precious metals from unwanted digital devices or ‘E-waste’. Not only does this reduce the need for the redundant gadgets to go to landfill, it also yields a great source of gold, silver, palladium and copper - raw materials that are used in the manufacture of the new generation of technology, such as smart phones.

The looped film that we created shows digital equipment (a phone, laptop and camera) fragmenting into coloured pixels which fall away off-screen. These pixels are coloured in copper, gold and silver hues which contrast with the dark monochromatic background and represent the reclaimed precious metals in their elemental form.  

We also experimented with a fully 3D approach.