‘Senses’ is a short film coproduced by Ultra Studio and Factory Originals.

The joint project began way back at the start of the pandemic as a pitch for a job, the team thought it had great potential and intended to pursue it for their own self-mastery. From the beginning of the collaboration it was key to ensure that the artwork would be perfectly complimented by the audio element, to showcase the best of both job specialisms.

Animation: Ultra Studio
Concept: Antonio Cerullo & Andrew Gooch
Titles: Antonio Cerullo
Audio: Factory Originals
Edit: Ultra Studio
Output: Website & Socials

Andy and Ant started by exploring initial concepts for the visual aspect of the film. It was decided that they would base their creation on the five human senses: Sight, Hearing, Taste, Touch and Smell, and represent them each in an abstract and exciting way. They wanted to create a high-res piece with a full production that was 4K quality. The visuals were 100% CG, executed in Cinema 4D, integrating techniques using Particle Systems, Modelling and MoGraph. Whilst Ultra have used these tools before in previous projects, they wanted to challenge themselves to explore, experiment and master them to an advanced level.

Jon Clarke, working for Factory, produced the audio in ATMOS, triumphantly managing to  enhance the graphics with the synchronised surround sound. The final accomplishment was a striking, vivid and stimulating piece, which is intended to be submitted for competitions in the near future.