We worked with Superunion to create and animate 3D assets for an ad campaign promoting Vodafone as the sponsors of the Porsche Formula E team. The concept was to create a stream of multiple lights representing the speed and innovation of Formula E.

Superunion were keen to use track data from the cars to build the movement of the lights and create them to look like parts of the track. We were used the speed telemetry data to influence the thickness of the lines. We modelled sections of the track, and flowed the lines over these models with the data to arrive on the look we have achieved.

Client: Vodafone
Agency: Superunion
Motion Design: Ultra Studio
Output: Promotional materials
We created assets to be used across TV for transitions, as well as for print media. We created this large image with the intention that it could be cropped into, to create variety for the different print media it was used across.
The time-lapse below shows part of our process for creating all of the assets, and different techniques we tried when using the telemetry data.