animation video editing services London Essex UK


animation video editing services London Essex


Complementing our motion design and animation offering is our video editing services, and we can work with you at any stage of the editing process. As a studio we are able to run and organise location or studio shoots and can  work with you to select stock footage for your edit. Being involved in the edit as a whole allows us to implement our full workflow, we can ensure that any 3D assets or motion graphics we create are fit for purpose. Our producer will make sure that feedback rounds are timely, inline with the project timeline.

animation video editing services London Essex


When working on an edit for a project we use Premier Pro to build the edit and Adobe After Effects to finalise the motion graphics. We are flexible and can pick up your project half way through if need be, adapting our workflow to be able to accommodate however your edit was started.

We always make sure that we understand where and how your edit is going to be displayed and the deliverable requirements, this means we can build a project from the start with the end ratios and deliverables in mind, making the whole process as streamlined as possible.

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We believe that sound, both music and sound effects are integral to building a dynamic and engaging edit. Our designers will build your edit with sound in mind, we have a library of royalty free music tracks available to all our clients or will work with our connections at sound houses to compose a bespoke track to the project’s requirements.

We will work with you and our sound design partners with regards to any sound effects that may be required for your edit.

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