app animation design London Essex

FC Community Medal

app animation design London Essex


We worked with AKQA on an app animation design for the Nike app. The Nike app allows users to follow training programmes and take part in community fitness and training challenges. There is a football specific section within the app and we worked with AKQA to create and animate a Nike FC Tag that would be used on the app. The idea was that winners of the community challenge would be virtually awarded with the tag on the app. We were breifed that the tag was to have the appearance of a medal that’s worn around the neck, it was to have a matt finish with iridescent colours highlighting the lines of a football.

app animation design London Essex


We were provided with a drawing of the tag for reference and used this to build a model of the tag and neck strap in Cinema 4D.

We animated the pendulum swing with keyframes, to make sure we could make a perfect looping animation. This allowed us to art direct exactly how we wanted the movement to be. Using this animation we added movement to the ribbon with a cloth simulation, thus giving it a natural stretch and flexibility, onto which we cloned the stitching. Everything was rendered using Redshift, and composited in After Effects.

app animation design london essex nike fc tag ultra studio

app animation design London Essex


As this was to be displayed on an app we delivered the final animation with an alpha, so the development team could integrate it within the app.  Acting as a reward, the animation that we created was a good way to virtually celebrate achievement within the community challenge. The finish that we created through our compositing and rendering gave the medal the premium look and feel required for the reward to give the user a sense of accomplishment.

app animation design London Essex

Thank You

Client: Nike
Agency: AKQA
CGI: Ultra Studio
Animation: Ultra Studio 

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