Andrew Gooch

andrew gooch creative director ultra studio

Andrew Gooch is creative director and founder of Ultra Studio. He is a motion graphic designer working within the film, TV and advertising industry for over 15 Years. He graduated from Ravensbourne University in 2009 with his degree in motion graphics design. He started his career as a freelance designer straight out of University, working with many different design studios and TV studios to hone his creative skills. During this time he developed his skills within Cinema 4D, and pushed his capabilities with every project. In 2012 he was commissioned to work on the London Olympics, creating the motion graphics for the opening ceremony. This defining project lead Andrew to start his own limited company. This later evolved into Ultra Studio.

Desk Rental

hot desk southend leigh on sea Studio A ultra studio

Ultra Studio offer hot desks in Leigh-on-sea, Southend. The moment that we viewed the property we knew we had to take it on and renovate it, not only for the value that it would bring to Ultra Studio, but for the opportunity it would give us to offer hot desks to other creatives in the area.

The property has three separate rooms and right away we wanted to dedicate one of those for hotdesking. As a small team it was important to us to get to know other creatives in the local area and to share the space with like minded people.

Kirsty Williamson

kirsty williamson producer ultra studio 01

Kirsty Williamson is the Producer at Ultra Studio and has been part of the team since 2018, she is our clients main point of contact for all projects. As the studio producer Kirsty oversees all incoming briefs and is responsible for assigning the right creatives to each project. Kirsty keeps a firm eye on project timelines and budgets and ensures that our clients are kept up to date throughout projects, she also manages project shoots, hires and freelancers. Kirsty has a Professional Certificate in Marketing and NCFE Level 1 & 2 Certificates in Photography and has had various marketing and brand management roles previously, she brings with her the knowledge of marketing a brand from an in house perspective. Her most recent role prior to Ultra Stuio was as a Brand Manager for an international gin brand.


3d animation studio london essex portal ultra studio

Move 78 approached us looking for a film for their client Boson Protocol. Their revolutionary concept involves “Launching physical products in virtual worlds”, “Connecting the Metaverse with the Universe”. In other words, Boson Protocol are building a network to enable players to purchase physical goods within a virtual environment, as NFTs. That way a player can own these products not only in the digital world, but also can redeem them in real life.

The brief was to create a teaser film to advertise the launch of their new concept to excite both the gaming industry and retailers, to entice them to join and become one of the forerunners in the bridge between retail/commerce and the digital world.

Vodafone x Porsche Formula E

3d animation studio london essex vodafone porsche ultra studio

We worked with Superunion to create this light trails animation for a Vodafone x Porsche Formula E campaign.

We were brought onto the project to create and animate the 3D assets for the campaign promoting Vodafone as the sponsors of the Porsche Formula E team. The concept was to create a stream of multiple lights in Vodafone red representing the speed and innovation of Formula E. At times the light trials would sit alone and other times they would be used to sit with footage, as transitions, intros and highlights. We were also briefed to deliver stills for print media.

New Balance Pride

3d animation studio london essex nbpride ultra studio

McFaul+Day approached us to create this fabric animation project showcasing the collaboration of New Balance and Hong Kong artist Zoie Lam, in celebration of pride month. The playful illustrations created by Zoie Lam were used across a number of different garments and trainers as limited editions. Our task was to create a 20 second looping animation of the printed fabric that would be played on screens across New Balance stores.  The animation would be shown on various size screens in different stores.

Dr Martens X Yohji

3d animation studio london essex dm yohji ultra studio

We worked with Breaks agency and handled the motion graphics for this Dr. Martens x Yohji Yamamoto project.

In celebration of Dr. Martens’ 60th Anniversary the brand collaborated with multiple high-profile designers to remaster the iconic 1460 Boot. Every four weeks throughout 2020 Dr. Martens’ launched a mini-campaign revealing its latest partnership. April’s campaign was in conjunction with designer Yohji Yamamoto and featured a spider’s web design etched on the boot with a decorative spider on the laces.


3d animation studio london essex nike sneakers ultra studio

We were commissioned to design a Nike SNEAKRS tag, complete with chain, for a video creation for apps project. The final video would aid the promotion of the Nike SNEAKRS app. Taking inspiration from the old Air Jordan tag, we created a photo-realistic tag and animated it to bounce and move on the screen.

New Balance 237

3d animation studio london essex nb237 ultra studio

Mcfaul+Day approached us to work with them on this 3D product animation and scanning project for the launch campaign for the new New Balance 237. The New Balance 237 trainer is a modern day tribute to the brand’s signature silhouette trainer from the 1970s. The design of the animations needed to represent this, as well as be consistent across all of the various colourways. The project consisted of two parts, a hero film showing the shoe coming together, and 6 shorter animations for the various colourways.


3d animation studio london essex tillit ultra studio

TILLIT is an investment platform, and the brand owners wanted to elevate their social media video creation. Bandstand, the primary agent came to us to create a number of animation videos that could be shared across their platforms.

We worked with Bandstand on this project who had previously designed 6 3D scenes consisting of each letter in the TILLIT logo and elements to accompany these. The stylised scenes were designed to represent the 6 core aspects of the company; Open, Simplicity, Transparent, Trust, Curated and Empower.

Our task was to apply movement and lighting to each scene so they would sit as stand alone animations that could be used on social media and other communications.