Andrew Gooch

andrew gooch creative director ultra studio

Andrew Gooch is creative director and founder of Ultra Studio. He is a motion graphic designer working within the film, TV and advertising industry for over 15 Years. He graduated from Ravensbourne University in 2009 with his degree in motion graphics design. He started his career as a freelance designer straight out of University, working with many different design studios and TV studios to hone his creative skills. During this time he developed his skills within Cinema 4D, and pushed his capabilities with every project. In 2012 he was commissioned to work on the London Olympics, creating the motion graphics for the opening ceremony. This defining project lead Andrew to start his own limited company. This later evolved into Ultra Studio.

Kirsty Williamson

kirsty williamson producer ultra studio 01

Kirsty Williamson is the Producer at Ultra Studio and has been part of the team since 2018, she is our clients main point of contact for all projects. As the studio producer Kirsty oversees all incoming briefs and is responsible for assigning the right creatives to each project. Kirsty keeps a firm eye on project timelines and budgets and ensures that our clients are kept up to date throughout projects, she also manages project shoots, hires and freelancers. Kirsty has a Professional Certificate in Marketing and NCFE Level 1 & 2 Certificates in Photography and has had various marketing and brand management roles previously, she brings with her the knowledge of marketing a brand from an in house perspective. Her most recent role prior to Ultra Stuio was as a Brand Manager for an international gin brand.

Gilbert Carnell-Mckean

Gilbert Carnell Mckean motion designer ultra studio

Gilbert Carnell-Mckean is one of the Motion Designers working at Ultra Studio, he studied Graphic Design Communication at Chelsea College of Arts and after graduating in 2020. He found himself briefly working for a production studio creating content for socials and conferences. Eventually landing at Ultra Studio working alongside lovely people everyday and incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to continue learning and making wonderful things. Gilbert has always had an interest in passion in moving images be it video games, animation or film and has a special appreciation for anything hand drawn; all requiring attention to detail, timing and craft.