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Polesdon is a cutting edge new brand who approached us to create the social media animation videos that would be used to launch their products. Polesdon specialise in high end rackets for the popular sport Padel. Padel is a fast-paced, high-energy racket sport, played on a walled court, that combines elements of tennis and squash.


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TILLIT is an investment platform, and the brand owners wanted to elevate their social media video creation. Bandstand, the primary agent came to us to create a number of animation videos that could be shared across their platforms.

We worked with Bandstand on this project who had previously designed 6 3D scenes consisting of each letter in the TILLIT logo and elements to accompany these. The stylised scenes were designed to represent the 6 core aspects of the company; Open, Simplicity, Transparent, Trust, Curated and Empower.

Our task was to apply movement and lighting to each scene so they would sit as stand alone animations that could be used on social media and other communications.