motion graphic design London Essex


motion graphic design London Essex


Edyn is a group of boutique hotels, we worked on their motion graphic design with Abound Studio, who were responsible for the overall rebranding. We were tasked with bringing the branding to life, and being involved from an early stage meant that we could ensure that all assets were fit for animation. It also meant that if there are any changes made to the assets then we could apply those straight away in line with the new animation. The concept idea made use of a foliage pattern, which we would animate to reveal the Edyn logo. We initially worked with a reference pattern found by Abound that we cut individual leaves from in photoshop and animated to jungle sounds to reveal the logo.

motion graphic design London Essex


Once we were happy with the chosen route and animation, Tuppence Collective were commissioned to create the final bespoke pattern. Tuppence Collective have a distinct style that worked well with the branding for Edyn. We were supplied the pattern in layers which meant that we could take artist licence, if needed, in placing the elements in the correct position for the final animation. When building the animation it was important that the motion and sound worked together to give a sense of tranquillity to the viewer.

motion graphic design London Essex Edyn Pattern ultra studio
motion graphic design London Essex edyn BTS ultra studio

motion graphic design London Essex


The final animation is used for the landing page of the Edyn website. It sets the scene for a calming and tranquil environment, representing the Edyn brand and their boutique hotel brands. Working with Abound Studio was a great pleasure and we went on to develop logo animations for their hotel brands that sit within the Edyn boutique hotel group. For example this Locke logo animation.

motion graphic design London Essex

Thank You

Client: Edyn
Agency: Abound Studios
Motion design: Ultra Studio
Pattern design: Tuppence Collective
Output: Website

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