fabric animation project London Essex

New Balance

fabric animation project London Essex


McFaul+Day approached us to create this fabric animation project showcasing the collaboration of New Balance and Hong Kong artist Zoie Lam, in celebration of pride month. The playful illustrations created by Zoie Lam were used across a number of different garments and trainers as limited editions. Our task was to create a 20 second looping animation of the printed fabric that would be played on screens across New Balance stores.  The animation would be shown on various size screens in different stores.

fabric animation project social 0shorts ultra studio
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fabric animation project London Essex


McFaul+Day specified that the printed fabric was to appear as if it were billowing in a gentle breeze, creating a beautiful abstract animation. The intention was to cut between close-up shots of the fabric, whilst also changing the intensity of ‘the breeze’: The combination of which was to produce a mesmerising/hypnotic effect of the rippling new print.

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First we recreated the cloth in Cinema 4D, using the illustration of the print provided. Paying close attention to detail to make the cloth weave within the model match the actual fabric texture as closely as possible. We used X-Particles to build a cloth simulation and then used displacement to add micro ripples for additional detail.

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This animation was created in two parts so we could create a cut point to continue the looping animation forever. When delivering the animation we made sure it worked in square, landscape and portrait formats for maximum compatibility, wherever the animation needed to be used.

fabric animation project London Essex

Thank You

Client: New Balance
Agency: McFaul and Day
Animation: Ultra Studio
Output: Social

Social Media Animation

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