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Dr. Martens
Yohji Yamamoto

motion graphics London Essex


We worked with Breaks agency and handled the motion graphics for this Dr. Martens x Yohji Yamamoto project.

In celebration of Dr. Martens’ 60th anniversary the brand collaborated with multiple high-profile designers to remaster the iconic 1460 Boot. Every four weeks throughout 2020 Dr. Martens’ launched a mini-campaign revealing its latest partnership. April’s campaign was in conjunction with designer Yohji Yamamoto and featured a spider’s web design etched on the boot with a decorative spider on the laces.

In collaboration with Breaks Agency we produced the assets for this April campaign, the initial brief was to create a dark environment with webs surrounding and highlighting the boot. The edit would start with a number of close up shots to show the detail in the design of the boot and finish with a wide shot to present the full boot.

motion graphics london essex dr martens yohji 01 ultra studio
motion graphics london essex dr martens yohji 02 ultra studio
motion graphics london essex dr martens yohji 03 ultra studio

motion graphics London Essex


Breaks Agency filmed the boots on green screen, providing us with the raw footage of many different angles and rotations of the boots. They also photographed the boots in very high resolution so we had lots of raw material to work from. We constructed a spider web rig inside Cinema 4D, and matched the camera angles and moves for each shot we needed. We constructed the edit within After Effects, applying distortion, atmosphere, and grading effects to achieve the grungy punk look the shoes so perfectly exemplify. The track for the edit was chosen and provided by Breaks Agency and we put the edit together timed with the track.

motion graphics London Essex


The final animation was used on the Dr Martens’ website, as well as their socials and in store, to showcase the collaboration and promote the boot to potential customers. Alongside this we delivered high quality still images to be used within the grander campaign.

motion graphics London Essex

Thank You

Client: Dr Martens
Agency: Breaks
Animation: Ultra Studio
Output: Website

Social Media Animation

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