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Motion Graphics

motion graphics studio London Essex

Motion Design

At Ultra Studio our focus is being a 3D animation and motion graphics studio with design at the forefront of every project we are a part of. 

As a team of focused designers we have a keen eye for everything motion. We will work with you to bring your edits to life with motion graphics, adding the personality of the brands messaging to all moving content. This could be including motion to highlight key information, title cards and lower thirds. 

We will work closely with you on your project to ensure that the motion graphics bring added value to elevate your communications.

motion graphics studio London Essex


The designers in our team excel in Adobe After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop and will utilise these programs when it comes to building the motion graphics for a project. It is really important to us as a studio that all of our team have a keen eye for design. Most of our team started as graphic designers and moved across into motion design. This grounding is important to establish good design principles that can be applied to moving graphics. It helps for collaboration between other designers, and means we can understand their needs for attention to detail, and the importance of layout for their brand.

motion graphics studio London Essex


Type plays a key role in motion graphics when delivering the key messages of your brand and communications. Applying motion to type can be a great way to enhance a message and make an edit engaging. There are many ways to apply motion to type and we work with our clients create the correct type motion for their project. We pay close attention to the kerning and leading when we are looking at typography, especially when motion is added, as movement can sometimes distort how type can read. The team take pride in creatively making the typography interesting, whilst also remaining legible.

motion graphics studio London Essex

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