social media video creation London Essex


social media video creation London Essex


TILLIT is an investment platform, and the brand owners wanted to elevate their social media video creation. Bandstand, the primary agent came to us to create a number of animation videos that could be shared across their platforms.

We worked with Bandstand on this project who had previously designed 6 3D scenes consisting of each letter in the TILLIT logo and elements to accompany these. The stylised scenes were designed to represent the 6 core aspects of the company; Open, Simplicity, Transparent, Trust, Curated and Empower.

Our task was to apply movement and lighting to each scene. They would sit as stand alone animations that could be used on social media and other communications.

social media video creation London Essex


Our starting point with this project was to look at the scene for each animation. We paid attention to how each letter was designed and the details of the elements and environment surrounding it. Next we designed the motion that would enhance the representation of each core aspect.

The lighting and shadows were an important part of each of the animations, and they were a key aspect to animate consistently. This included animating the objects occluding the lights, such as the trees and leaves. To achieve this we used bend deformers and mograph effectors in Cinema 4D. We used an animated gobo for the lighting of the reflected water, this way we didn’t need to rely on complicated caustic reflections.

social media video creation London Essex

When animating “Trust” we needed the glass to animate coming back together. To do this we built a simulation of the glass breaking apart around the “L” and colliding with the rest of the scene. After a few iterations we had a simulation we were happy with. We baked the animation to keyframe so we could reverse the simulation, and create a loop point for the glass to break again at the end.

As the animations were made from files originally intended for print, we needed to optimise the scenes for rendering for animation. We concentrated on making sure we retained the best quality without having excessive render times.

social media video creation london essex tillit ultra studio

social media video creation London Essex


Each animation was to go on TILLITs social media pages and therefore it was important that these were delivered as an infinite loop. When designing the animations we had this in mind and made sure they were designed and built in a way that meant they could loop seamlessly.

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Client: TILLIT
Agency: Bandstand
Animation: Ultra Studio
Output: Socials

Social Media Animation

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