Title Sequence Animation

Charles R: The Making of A Monarch

Title Sequence Animation


Working with Peepshow we created the opening title sequence animation of the BBC 1 programme, Charles R: The Making of a Monarch. This programme was aired to coincide with the King’s coronation and depicts the life of HM King Charles, told in his own words, looking back across the decades of his life.

The concept of the opening sequence was to use home and archive footage and photos to show various key events and moments of the King’s life. This footage was to sit in a 3D environment, this was to be a traditional gallery style environment and the footage would be projected onto screens which stood within the gallery space. The programme was split into chapters and the chapter title cards would also follow this same concept with a close up of the footage relevant to the chapter.

Title Sequence Animation


Taking care of the CGI and VFX on this project, we created the gallery environment and the screens in which the footage from Charles’ past was ‘projected’. All of this was modelled in Cinema 4D and rendered in Redshift. We composited the image of his majesty onto the canvas in After Effects, allowing for the greatest flexibility when changing images late into the project. Next we used light passes from C4D to get an accurate falloff, reflection and projection rays. We used the same process when creating the title cards that were used throughout the show at the beginning of each chapter.

Title Sequence Animation


The show was aired on BBC 1 at the time of the King’s Coronation. BBC Studios were very happy with the final opening title sequence and the project has been put forward by them for the BAFTA Craft Awards for Titles and Graphics

Title Sequence Animation

Thank You

Agency: Peepshow
Creative Direction: Miles Donovan & Pete Mellor
Animation Director: Pete Mellor
Typography: Miles Donovan
CGI/ VFX: Ultra Studio
Producers: Pete Mellor & Miles Donovan

For BBC Studios:
Directed by Tim Kirby
Archive Producer: Rebecca O’Connor-Thompson
Executive Producer: Liz Hartford
Editors: Adam Garston & Julie Buckland
Music: Cato Hoeben
Creative Director: Claire Popplewell
Commissioning Editor: Simon Young

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