cinema 4d animation London Essex

Wave Optics

cinema 4d animation London Essex


Wave Optics approached us to create a cinema 4d animation promoting their lenses. Wave Optics design, develop and manufacture optical engines and lenses for augmented reality glasses and headsets. Following a website, Wave Optics required a video that showcased the lenses in situ. We worked with Foundation who commissioned us to create concept glasses that could be used in the video. The main focus of the video was to be the lenses and therefore the frames of the glasses needed to appear and disappear in the video. Taking inspiration from the film, Ready Player One, as well as Tron we designed the look and feel of the glasses to draw on in neon, before solidifying into a real product.

cinema 4d animation London Essex wave optics 01 ultra studio 01A
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cinema 4d animation London Essex


Wave optics provided us with technical drawings of the lenses, making it very clear where the wave guides are within the surface of the lens. The wave guides are prisms within the lens that redirect the light projected into the lens towards the eye. This allows for the user to be able to see an image in augmented reality. When viewed from certain angles you can see a pearlescent colour where the waveguides are. This was an important detail we needed to subtly show within the animation. We modelled the glasses and lenses in Cinema 4D, rendering out passes for just the lenses and just the frames. Using the model we built splines from the edges, we animated these drawing on, and rendered them out as very basic lines, from which we added the glow and colour within After Effects. We could then composite all the layers together.

cinema 4d animation London Essex


The final piece was used as a looping video on the landing page of the Wave Optics website. The video introduces the viewer to a key development in the Wave Optics portfolio as well as the lenses and waveguide system. Wave Optics has gone on to become an independent subsidiary of Snap inc.

cinema 4d animation London Essex

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Client: Wave Optics
Agency: Foundation
Animation: Ultra Studio
Output: Website

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